Up-to-date knowledge, sound training, and continuous professional development are the essential pillars for successful business development. This is all the more true in view of the fundamental changes that employees in the industrial B2B sector will be facing in the years to come. The E/D/E AKADEMIE aligns its programme precisely to this need, and supports the association with forward-looking, diverse learning opportunities.

In view of the worsening shortage of skilled labour, personnel development and the training of existing employees will play a major role. Companies can gain a competitive advantage with long-term training strategies. This is why the E/D/E AKADEMIE continued its concept in 2023: for example, in joint formats organised by the E/D/E AKADEMIE and the Business NETZWERK, participating companies were able to combine high-quality professional input with a direct exchange of practical experience. Among other things, the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) took centre stage.

The year 2023 has once again shown that there is an increased need for formats that are as low-threshold as possible, and which offer concrete solutions to urgent challenges. The E/D/E AKADEMIE fulfilled these requirements from the association with a variety of new concepts.

The “Compressed Air Technology and Pneumatics Application Consultant” qualification – which was offered for the first time – helped participants to acquire additional skills, and to open up or further expand new business areas. This was also the E/D/E AKADEMIE’s first specialised training course – a concept that we will continue to expand in the future.

In 2024, the E/D/E AKADEMIE portfolio will delve much deeper into the core processes of the distributors. The focus here is on entertaining and low-threshold formats that do not require large investments and offer participants direct added value. In addition to the open portfolio, the networking and support of specialist areas and sales concepts, in particular, will be further developed in order to better fulfil the needs of specific member groups. This includes further joint activities with the Business NETZWERK, for example.